Tiger Woods, 3 Reasons Why I Did Not Like His Public Apology

Yesterday, I watched Tiger make his public apology for having an affair, and I thought it was lame for a couple of reasons.

1. Tiger was way too scripted. He really sounded like a robot. In fact, I almost feel that someone is telling him how to execute every move. Regardless of his actions, being a robot for the media is not cool. I remember a few years ago when Michael Vick— the football player who ran a dog fighting ring—apologized for his disgusting, inhumane actions before going to jail, and I didn’t feel that was scripted. I felt that he accepted full responsibility and wasn’t looking for sympathy from anyone. Of course, I also have to realize that Tiger didn’t sign up to be a professional speaker; he is just a golfer who cheated on his wife.
2. Tiger stated he is in therapy. Seriously? Come on. I could see marriage counseling, but two months of therapy means nothing to me. In fact, it almost seems to be implying that he was “delusional” when he cheated with all of those women. On the contrary, he knew what he was doing; he was just another cheating husband who put his own self-centered needs before his family and everyone else who supported him. There’s nothing really unusual about that. Now, I am all for therapy—seriously, I am—but him going to therapy does not seem sincere to me at all. In fact, getting back to the robot issue, I think he is only going because his PR person told him to.
3. Tiger requested that the media leave his family alone. I have mixed feelings about this. I agree that his wife and kids don’t deserve all this media attention, but at the same time, the way that he asked people to leave them alone didn’t sit well with me, and I’m not really sure why. Maybe it’s because he seemed to be blaming any discomfort his kids and wife are experiencing on the media instead of on himself. Men just don’t realize the impact they have when they cheat; it affects children and family for years to come.

The one thing I did like is that he apologized to his foundation and all the kids who looked up to him.
I still have respect for Tiger’s parents and for Tiger’s own work ethic. He was raised with such amazing discipline and focus when it comes to golf. I feel for Erin and the situation she is in (although I think her having money will allow her more flexibility than most in the same situation).

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