Taking Time For You…(Jewels will be offline from Oct5-9th)

Why do men cheat? Why does this hurt so badly? When does the pain

I am not sure how to answer all of those questions, but I do know
one thing, as women when situations like this arise, we often focus so much on
the problem that we forget about ourselves. We forget that we need feeding and
nurturing as well.

For years I gave myself every excuse in the book NOT to do
anything for me. I will wait until the credit cards are down and then go on
vacation, I will wait until the marriage is better and then go to the SPA, I
will wait until I make more money, and then treat myself. Well those days never
came, and I realized while I was waiting, everyone else was living.

I would feel bad for buying clothes for myself, or going to a nice
restaurant, I just didn’t feel like I deserved it. Again, until I looked all
around me and realized why I was busy telling myself ‘not now’ other people
were saying ‘now’ to treating themselves great, despite their circumstances.

With that said, I am taking my first major vacation with friends,
just for fun!! I not be responding to comments from Oct 5-9th while I take time
to rejuvenate and relax. It’s a major milestone for me, and I hope others take
the same path in the future.


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