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Cheating Husbands and Married Men – 5 Reasons Why Facebook Causes Drama in Marriage

I came across this article today which that basically said Facebook is to blame for a whopping one out of every five divorces. I thought I would take a moment to share my views on the topic and state 5 reasons why Facebook causes drama in marriage. 1. Pictures do not lie. It is easy Read More

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Financial Problems and Cheating

As I think about my life right now, I think I really can’t complain because I am able to feed my two kids, I have a job, and I have a house. But…I never thought in a million years that in 2009 I would be struggling to pay my mortgage, have a ton of debt Read More

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My Cheating Husband – Observation on Communication

Recovering from my husband’s affair for me this weekend includes cleaning, watching the kids, more cleaning, and talking with my husband. On Saturday night, I was thinking really hard about the marriage, the affair, and my happiness radar. Something popped out as a major issue, and surprisingly it wasn’t the act of my husband cheating Read More

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After the Affair – The Questioning!

I am fortunate enough to have TiVo (which allows you to record shows), and I just got around to watching the premier of Trauma, which comes on Monday nights. This particular episode had a character that had an affair. One scene involved his wife asking him why he was coming home late. He told her Read More

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Cheating and Sex and Communication Breakdown

This sucks. I expected after an event like this that my husband would be warm and understanding, easy to communicate with, and most of all, humble. Instead, what I get is a huge communication gap. Let me explain. Have you ever begun a conversation with the plan to open your heart and share your feelings Read More

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Affair Recovery Stranger

It’s interesting to me that I find it easier to talk to strangers about the affair than people close to me. I guess I feel less embarrassed and judged with people who don’t know either of us. For example, I met a woman yesterday who told me she found out her husband was having an Read More