Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, Another Cheating Story!

I love Sandra Bullock’s acting, and I’m really sad to see that she can now join our circle after her husband’s affair.

This is what makes me upset. Sandra is like me because she is also what most people think of when they think they hear the term “good girl.” In fact, she is the American standard for a good girl. But of course, her husband did what most cheating men do. They marry the good girl, but secretly they want the crazy, nasty one to sleep with. The nice and trusting wife would never think that her husband would commit adultery. She cooks, cleans, and takes care of the kids, so he would never do something like cheat with a woman, or even three or four different women, right? He’d never be so arrogant and cruel.

Unfortunately, ladies, cheaters don’t think with their brain but with their lower head, and it is really sad to see them risk hurting the people that they love so much.

Right before she found out about his affair, Sandra mentioned on a TV show that Jesse was her rock and gave him all the credit for her success. She is probably somewhere between angry as hell and depressed as hell right now. Maybe I should send her my free book. Who knows? It could make her feel a little better.

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