Rep. Weiner, Another Lying Cheating Husband?

This story is pretty embarrassing. Last November, Rep. Anthony Weiner tried to send a photograph of himself in his underwear to a college student on Twitter, thinking it is a private message. Instead, he accidentally posted it for the world to see. Online cheating, here we go again!

First he lied about what happened (“Uh… someone hacked into my account.”). But finally, he came clean about the six different women he’d been inappropriately interacting with—including the college student. Oh, boy. He also used Facebook to cheat.

Sadly, using Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media to cheat is pretty commonplace. Cheating husbands usually send inappropriate texts and photos through services like Facebook and Twitter and use craigslist ads and dating sites to look for women to cheat with.

Weiner’s case didn’t surprise me at all. At first he said he’d never cheated, and I didn’t believe him; I know the signs of a cheating husband from personal experience, and he was showing every indication that he did more than just send a few naughty photos. And really, let’s be honest: why else would you send a photo like that to someone if you didn’t want to have sex with them?

He said that his wife (who—big shocker here—was pregnant at the time) will stay with him. I suspect she was trying to be strong through this, as her emotions were probably on fire, as most of our emotions are when we first find out. On the other hand, maybe she really believed her husband and felt that he sent the photo in fun and that no sexual intercourse happened. But in my book, he cheated. Sending hundreds of messages and having hundreds of phone conversations with various different women without your wife knowing is definitely not cool.

Speaking of various women, it’s always interesting to me that cheating husbands always put an incredible amount of trust in the other woman, only to see that trust turned against them. Women were coming out left and right to tell all about their affairs with Rep. Weiner for their fifteen minutes of fame. It’s not just famous cheating husbands who do this, either. Plenty of women who cheat with everyday, average men will use the information these men trust them with to their advantage. Newsflash: Men, you should not trust women who are willing to engage in inappropriate behavior with you fully knowing that you are married. Just like you shouldn’t trust people not to pass around any sexual photos of yourselves that “hackers” can accidentally put on Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Rep. Weiner, Another Lying Cheating Husband?”

  1. The Rep Weiner problem is close to home for me. Men still think this is not cheating! They never physically touch them so in their minds its not cheat! My husband has been cheating on me for 4 1/2 yrs. Why stay you say? I have to grown children 21yrs old and 18yrs old both men now with Autisum thats why. They were mainstreamed in school but lack any social skills and have no friends. I don’t work because I was fired do to my job performance. I was fighting with my husband alot at this time and it affected my work. He has joined my sex forums and clubs online and has an online lover in Illions, we live in California. He tried to meet her on our family vacation 4 1/2 yrs ago. I caught on earlier in the year and thought I put an end to it, But NO! He husband called me the night before we were to leave on vacation to disneyworld stating that they too are going to Disneyworld. That my husband and his wife were planning to hookup somewhere in Florida. I was devastated and my world crummbled. His excuses is he is not happy with our marriage and I don’t have enought sex with him. He wants it everyday and anal which I will not do!!!!! So he looked outside the marriage to get it. This women promissed him anal sex in Disneyworld. We both have families with kids how in the world was this going to happen I thought? But they had plans for everything. To make a long story short they never got together, her husband canceled their trip and my husband became and Alcoholic.this was 4 /1/2 yrs ago but just last month he was talking to her again and he has been sleeping on the couch ever since. I can’t afford a divorce right now so he will stay where he is. I barely talk to him because I am soo angry. All the lies and hurt that he has cause is so painful sometimes that I don’t sleep but cry through the night alone. He is in AA now but I think it’s to late for us. 23yrs of marriage down the drain because his penis wanted more.

    1. Hello Lisa, welcome to the site. Not enough sex? My husband said the same thing, I am starting to think that is the line that all cheating husbands us to justify their actions. It sounds easy. Just know that I lived with my husband for over a year before I could move out because of finances as well. Just make sure you have a plan. If you don’t have money now, how will you get money in the future for a divorce? Also realize that you don’t have to talk to him during this time. I purposely limited my communications during that time because every time we talked, he irritated me to no end, so not talking was better, you might be in the same position. While I lived with him, knowing I wanted to leave, I totally stopped focusing on him, and started focusing on me, what I needed and wanted to get out. And it worked. I am so much happier now. Take Care!

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