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Cheating Husbands – YOU ARE NOT ALONE – Page 13 – After the Affair Site for wives who have been through the painful situation of a cheating husband

Life After the Affair – Now what?

How do I function with life after the affair? I find myself spending and embarrassing amount of time thinking to myself “should I stay or should I leave?”. Should I stay for the kids or should I leave and break up the family?  This is what a cheating man does to a woman, makes her …

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When a husband cheats on you – the shock

When you are faced with a husband that cheats on you, it is utterly shocking. You see other people faced with infidelity, but you think that happens in ‘other people’s’ marriages’. It is hard to imagine your husband cheating until it occurs.  Personally, I thought my husband would never cheat on me.  But I guess …

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