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Husband caught cheating and blaming me?

My husband was caught cheating in March 2009, and a week later, my baby boy was born. Want to know what just made me sick about this entire experience? I was less upset with the fact that my husband was caught cheating and  more angry at his reaction when I found out. He just didn’t Read More

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Why did my husband cheat? His response.

Why did my husband cheat

Why? It’s the question that I can not get out of my mind, it plagues me.  I finally got to talk to him without fighting to try to answer the question “Why did my husband cheat?”. He is a summary of what he said in one sentence. My husband claims we didn’t have sex enough Read More

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Should I stay married for the kids?

Should I Stay Married For The Kids

Infidelity has crept into my marriage and it has caused me to wonder if I should stay married for the kids?  If I leave, will my kids be ok? Last night, my 3 year old daughter spent the night with her cousin.  Around 11pm, I got a call; it was my daughter, crying that she Read More

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Life After the Affair – Now what?

life after affair

How do I function with life after the affair? I find myself spending and embarrassing amount of time thinking to myself “should I stay or should I leave?”. Should I stay for the kids or should I leave and break up the family?  This is what a cheating man does to a woman, makes her Read More

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When a husband cheats on you – the shock

When a husband cheats on you - the shock

When you are faced with a husband that cheats on you, it is utterly shocking. You see other people faced with infidelity, but you think that happens in ‘other people’s’ marriages’. It is hard to imagine your husband cheating until it occurs.  Personally, I thought my husband would never cheat on me.  But I guess Read More

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Why do husbands cheat on their wives?

Husbands cheat on their wives all the time.  What were they thinking?  All I know is that my husband cheated and I am here to tell my story in hopes of helping other women through this traumatic event, my name is Jewels, welcome to my blog Read More