Maria Shriver and Her Cheating Husband Arnold Schwarzenegger

There is a lot of buzz lately about Maria Shriver’s husband Arnold Schwarzenegger having an affair and a child with another woman ten years ago. Apparently, the woman was still working with their family up until Maria found out.

Maria has four kids, and I believe most of them are in their teens or early 20s. I am sure all of the kids have interacted with their ten-year-old half-sibling and the child’s mom, who apparently worked with the family for twenty years. And while Arnold said that the affair happened a decade ago, that doesn’t mean the affair didn’t continue.

I know this situation must have been tough for Maria. She not only has to deal with the betrayal of her husband, she has to deal with the betrayal of someone she trusted in their home and with her own kids for twenty years. Cheating literally rips families apart.

Maria has always been a big advocate for women’s empowerment. I hope all of the ladies whose husbands have cheated on them look at the strong, confident Maria Shriver (who kept her last name after marrying), and instead of wondering “Why did this happen to me?” realize, “This can happen to anyone; I am not alone.”

Sometimes I wonder if it’s good when so many people know a celebrity’s business like everyone knows Maria’s now. While being in the public eye like she is adds a lot of pressure, I feel that Maria has several allies who are powerful women who will support her through her personal recovery. Most women don’t have that type of support because we typically don’t share that our husband cheated with others; consequently, the support and encouragement we get is very limited.

In addition, celebrities like Maria have an opportunity to empower millions by discussing their experience of catching their husbands having an affair. I really have a good feeling that Maria will use her experience to help and inspire other women in her situation.

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  1. Hello,
    Well, I must say I feel for Maria, as a wife who has been betrayed by her husband, and having everyone know about it.(obviously not on a global scale, which has to be utterly humiliating). When I saw the news yesterday it was like the flood gates opened for me and I couldn’t stop all of the feelings that I have been trying to avoid for the past three months.
    I married my high school sweet heart. Hes a great guy, and an amazing father. He loves to surprise me with trips and flowers, gifts and sweet notes left for me when I wake up in the morning. We have date nights, a great sex life, and a great and respectful partnership in general. We have government jobs, a beautiful home, and we are young with two beautiful boys. We were trying to have our third when he sat me down and told me that during a hockey trip to Vegas with people from work he slept with a co-workers wife and he was telling me because a friend from work had found out, and he wanted me to hear it from him. I was upset, obviously, but not devastated. I can understand the drunken mistake, though I have not experienced it myself. When I heard WHO it was, I was shocked, upset and hurt. I forgave my husband the next night, with some rules which I did not feel were unjustified (no more heavy drinking, limited number of guys trips). We were happy again, for a few days…Then the husband of the other women tells me there are e mails and he sent them to me while my husband was at work. They were devastating in their intimacy, and outlined plans for their secret meetings, which did involve the children on one occasion. He called her “babe” and “hotstuff” and she referred to him by the pet name that I use for him. He told her only to call him at work (on one occasion my Mother was working with him)and they discussed their encounter in Vegas, and how he had tried to sleep with her a second time, but she turned him away. He had her at my house, on my couch and I talked to him on the phone while she was there. I knew everything…all of it, and it tore me apart.
    Three months later we are still together. I am trucking along, but feel an emptiness when I look at him. The anger has subsided and now I just feel blank. We stopped trying to have our third child and have attempted to resume our normal lives. I love him, but I fear its forced because I have never been with anyone but him and have never been a single adult.
    I wish we were having problems before the affair and then I would be able to work on our relationship and see change and not have to worry. We were happy, and he keeps saying we were perfect.
    I guess I just want some insight from women who have been through this and have come out on the other side, either with or without their husband. To me a marriage is just a piece of paper. Its the actions which define the relationship. I feel like the second he slept with that woman and the subsequent two month affair our marriage was ended. I don’t want to be like Maria, investing 25 years, missing all the warning signs, and ending up alone..any advise?

    1. Hello Sarah,

      Welcome to our site. The one thing about your story that troubles me is that your husband sat you down, and told you only part of the story, which means for some reason, he did not want to share the emotional part of the relationship. It might be because he didn’t want to see you in pain I am not sure. It’s almost like he wanted to keep you from knowing the entire story, and just in my opinion only, that’s not a good thing that you had to hear the entire truth from the other husband. In any event, I want you to know that the ‘blank’ feeling that you are feeling now is VERY normal. The first part of affair recovery is getting through the total devastation stage, and it seems like you made it through. The next stage is the hard part. It’s evaluating your life and making a decision to stay or leave the marriage. There is not a big rush in your case, your only 3 months out. This is the longest and most grueling part of affair recovery, and it is a tough decision, especially when you have young kids, just like me. Your last statement talks about not ending up like Maria, and here is how I prevented that. I told my husband if you want to work things out, I need to see full effort on your part. You call and schedule marriage counseling, you set up times so we can work through this. You reach out for help to rebuild our marriage. And see if he does it. If he doesn’t, then you know that rebuilding the marriage is all on you and I don’t like an event of this magnitude can survive with one person not putting forth effort. The second thing I told him is if I ever hear that you are engaging with her, or still cheating on me – it’s OVER. I found out a couple months later he was, and it was OVER. I couldn’t leave right away because of financial reasons and the kids, but mentally, I knew it was over. I would worry about your husband still cheating and you not knowing, trust me, if he is, you will eventually find out. I hope your husband is dedicated to working things out. Your not alone, there are many women on this site that know exactly how you feel, including me. Best of luck to you and feel free to reach out anytime. Take Care.

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