Should I Stay Married For The Kids

Should I stay married for the kids?

Infidelity has crept into my marriage and it has caused me to wonder if I should stay married for the kids?  If I leave, will my kids be ok?

Last night, my 3 year old daughter spent the night with her cousin.  Around 11pm, I got a call; it was my daughter, crying that she wanted mommy and daddy.  For some reason this situation made me think about how divorce can affect the family especially the kids. When families split apart, do kids cry at night looking for the other parent?

I worry about leaving, I don’t want my kids to suffer because of my husband’s infidelity.  At the same time, staying married in this situation will cause me to be miserable, in which the kids will suffer as well.  I just don’t know what to do yet and I feel there are no easy answers.


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  1. I am in the exact situation. As I am nearing the birth of our baby (first & only child for both of us)…a time that should be the happiest in our lives. This thought is so close to my mind and heart. If I do decide to stay away from my husband who cheated…I will have to face leagal seperation and divorce. We will eventually go down that road where child will have to be with Mommy at times, without Daddy and vice versa. Just thinking about my child crying for me while with Daddy. Because we will not be living in the same area, not close at all.

    For the first few years I will be with baby and then the legal custody battle will begin. The chance of us having to go to family court to see if there will be joint custody or not. Am I strong enough to face that? Am I strong enough to put this affair behind me? Will I have to settle in life and make the biggest sacrifice in my life for my baby? To stay with him and say this is it…I have a husband who cheated and probably will again…so that I may have every day with my child? It angers me to know that is what he has put on me, on our marriage and our family. He did not think of none of this, the consequences of his actions.

    1. Hello Royal Wife,

      Yes angry was a strong emotion that came to mind when it comes to my husband putting me is such a hard predicament, especially with two young kids, I was like come on!! I wanted so bad for it to work but when he cheated again I knew it was over, I was so down and didn’t want my kids to see me like that forever. I ended up leaving, and i will be honest with you, it was tough on my daughter, she was 4 when I moved out. I had nights where she would cry for me and/or her dad (still does sometimes). They will ask you why can’t mommy live here or daddy. But you know I do not regret my decision. The main reason why is because I have me back, my confidence, my joy, and the best thing I can do for my kid is to teach them joy, and the best way to do that is by example, because they see you and want to be like you, regardless of what you say. I want my kids to know how to be happy, and not to depend on mommy’s situation or daddy’s situation for happiness, and through this situation I am teaching her that. It’s a long tough road, but my kids will be ok. And your kids will be ok as well, no matter what you decide 🙂

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