Infidelity in Marriage – Don’t Believe the Hype!!

In the past couple of weeks, I have seen several articles on husbands’ infidelity that seem to suggest that the wife is all at fault. The articles all start out with a headline like, “Here is why your man cheated.” or “Here is why men stray.” Then they proceed to portray the other woman as this non-nagging, carefree, fun-loving person and the wives as nagging, fun-hating bitches.


I really feel these types of articles are written by people who have never been married or at least never had their spouses cheat on them. They don’t have a clue, so all they can do is look at someone else’s situation and write what they see, not what they know.

The reasons men cheat are so much more complicated than the other woman being “fun” and a wife being a “bitch”. No relationship is perfect or free from mistakes, but mistakes and problems need to be talked out between a husband and wife. Things like nagging or not being “fun” are not free passes to cheat. As wives unfortunately we can not play all day, we have to take care of home, so of course it is not all fun and games. Men that cheat should take responsibility for their actions, and not blame the wife. If you have problems with your wife, be honest and talk to your wife. If that doesn’t work, go to counseling. Read books on marriage. Talk to happy married couples. And if all else fails, don’t commit infidelity, get a divorce.