Elin and Tiger – Same Story, Different Cast – Part I

Elin finally broke her silence about Tiger Woods’ affairs (read Elin’s interview here). One thing I gathered from her interview with The Huffington Post is that the pain of an affair is universal. Yes, she has a lot of money, but she clearly has experienced the same deep wound we all feel when we find out that our husband isn’t the man we thought he was.

As I read, I was interested to see that Elin seemed like she was thinking the same things most of us do before we find out our husbands cheated. My husband is go great and loving, they would never do anything to hurt me.

News flash: all men are capable of disrespecting their wives and cheating on them.

But to get back to the interview, Elin talked about the embarrassment she felt after she found out what Tiger was doing. If anyone else has learned about your husband’s affair, you know what she means, because you have probably been there. I can say to a certain extent I am still there at times; there is still a very small part of me that gets embarrassed when I talk with others about what my husband did, but I am getting better every day.

Elin talks about the anger, the pain, and the depression she experienced when she found out. Again, we have all been there. At the end of the article, I smiled. Although I felt terrible for her, it was comforting to know that the feelings wives have when their husbands cheat really don’t differ all that much because of money or class. It’s a shame that infidelity is such a taboo subject, and that there isn’t a ton of stuff out there that bonds us together through this experience no matter where we come from. I hope to change that one day by giving women somewhere to go where they can talk to people who have been through the same thing. The site is just the beginning!

Tomorrow in part II I will talk about how having wealth may help women like Elin recover from a husband’s affair.

Until then!

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