Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher Divorce

Last November, another Hollywood marriage ended due to cheating. In this case, it was Demi Moore’s marriage to Ashton Kutcher. This has been happening so often for several years now, which is an indication that something is wrong with the state our society. In fact, several women on this site have commented about issues relating to this divorce, such as the role that money and being famous play in cheating.

There are many women with money who stay married after catching their husbands cheating. But when you have money and you are famous, your fame is a game changer. If you are in the public eye, you have the millions of people looking at your every move. I didn’t want to answer to anyone when I first found out that my husband had cheated on me; imagine feeling like that with pressure from so many people to say or do something.

The Moore/Kutcher divorce reminded me of a previous post I wrote about Tiger Woods’ affairs and the role money plays in cheating.
So far, Demi is not saying much, which is good. I think she’s beautiful (which goes to show that men do not cheat because of looks), and I hope she comes out of this experience in a good state, which is my hope for everyone who has to face infidelity.

2 thoughts on “Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher Divorce”

  1. i remember the exact moment i heard about their situation because it was almost 3 months after i found out that my husband cheated. i told my therapist about hearing about it and how awful it was and then i said “i’m sure she’s devastated but she’ll eventually be ok because she’s demi moore and she has the money to be ok” and then my therapist asked “if you had her money would you be ok too?” and i realized just how trapped being a stahm has made me, especially being a wife to a man in the military. i realized i would be ok if i had money because i could afford to move out with my 2 kids and not have any disruption in our comfort or lifestyle. even though we treat his income as a partnership i guess when it comes down to it if i were to leave it would really be his money and not ours and we’d be on our own. have any of your ladies out there stayed partially because you still love your husband but hugely because you don’t want the hardship of being a single mom for you or your kids and over time things got better?

    1. Hello Andrea,

      Yes to your last question, I will tell you I was literally terrified of being a single mom with two kids and no money. I honestly would think sometimes if I had to leave the marriage, I did not think I could handle raising the kids on my own, I though the stress would just break me.

      But eventually the stress of staying was too much, I felt I had to leave. And you know what, I am fine. I have a support system in place to help me with the kids, and it works. I am less stressed even though I have the kids more and I am in worse shape financially from a credit score rating etc., but things are working out. So I know that it might appear scary, but if you want to leave, start getting your support system in place to make sure that you have enough help if you decide to leave. Take Care.

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