Dealing With A Cheating Spouse

Dealing with a cheating spouse can have tremendous detrimental effects on your health. Some days I feel very weak because I am carrying such a load of resentment and anger, and that stress harms my body. Since I found out my husband had cheated, I have been to the doctor at more than fifteen times in one year. Fifteen times in one year! Before that time, I didn’t even go in for a yearly check-up because I felt fine and am usually in great health.

Most of the visits were because of weird things. Once, for example, I woke up wrong and could not turn my neck for 4 days. My back pain was getting worse, I got a bizarre infection in my leg, cheat pain – you name it, my body was not functioning properly. I’ve also lost weight, which people have been noticing.

Part of the problem is that I let situations get me worked up, and I am trying to work on it. For instance, I don’t engage much with my husband in conversation anymore, because I know that doing so will cause disappointment and now physical health problems. I need to be healthy for myself and for my kids.

I am not proud that I let the affair affect me so much that it impacts my health, but I am working on dealing with stress everyday. And as long as I am learning, I am empowered to improve and make a change, which is what life is all about.

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  1. I don’t think I have ever felt this much pain it feels like the whole world is collapsing on me. I knew my husband was cheating before and after I fell pregnant, I should have confronted him but I don’t know what stopped me. Fast forward 2 kids in and a few months after we got married he did it again and just this weekend gone another bomb hit me and I had the proof.

    What’s more pain full is him denying it constantly and he even went to the lengths of telling my family I was imagining things and that I needed help. As I try to explain to my family how this is not the first time they still don’t believe me because I hadn’t mentioned anything.

    I really need my family’s support but they think I’m only looking for a way out or that I am the one cheating. This has left me so powerless I have hardly eaten or slept thinking I’m crazy. I have spoken to my close friends about this and I’m a little happy I have the support from them. I just wish my family could see my husband for what he really is. I keep saying to myself I will make him pay but tho is not helping me at all very time I look at his face I have this overwhelming anger that’s just there.

    I know I’m not crazy and this is really killing me, I have my kids to think about and I just want him to admit he was unfaithful so we can find a way to move on
    I have learnt my lesson with men or maybe it’s just my husband I don’t know. I would like to know if anyone is going through the same thing. I know I’m not crazy and certainly don’t need help

  2. my husband of 15 years had a “sexual” relationship with a friends ex on facebook- it was not physical but I am hurt beyond belief, I have considered leaving him- I don’t know what to do…..

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