Cheating Spouse – John Edwards

Lately, I have been watching the terrible and sad story of John and Elizabeth Edwards unfold. I really wish that Elizabeth had gotten out of the relationship sooner. In fact, I really feel that she wanted things to work out so bad that she didn’t care whether or not she felt miserable. Sound familiar? As women, we sacrifice of our own happiness for others all the time.

I think Elizabeth did the best she could to support John after the incident, but like most cheating spouses, he couldn’t stop lying to her. He didn’t tell her the whole story. It must have been really painful to support John after the affair only to find out that he continued to lie.

When she was interviewed on the Today Show, Elizabeth said that John is not the same person she married. I am glad she realized this; doing so is a pivotal point in a relationship that gets rocked by infidelity. Once your husband cheats, you have to realize that you’re both going to change (yes, both of you). It’s a traumatic event and you never know what type of person you are going to get when it’s over. One husband can come out of the situation more loving and grateful than ever, while another husband can become vindictive and selfish.

At a certain point you have to evaluate what type of person he has become (and, of course, evaluate the changes within yourself) and see if you are still a good fit. It’s a hard decision to make, and in Elizabeth’s case, I am glad she finally sees that John is not right for her at this stage in her life. I know she has cancer and she really needs to be in a loving, supporting environment filled with positive energy. Even if she has to be alone now, though, that’s better than being around negativity and lies.

I keep telling myself that I will read her book. In fact, I really need to do that soon. If anyone has read it, let me know your thoughts!

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