Cheating Spouse and Going Out – DRAMA!

It seems like every time I want to go out, my husband gives me a hard time or is all of a sudden ‘busy’. He has never directly said it, but he is irritated when I go out with friends. Every time I want to do something, he says he has plans so I won’t be able to go—at least not without getting a babysitter. It’s just as bad that he questions me all the time about where I go and what I’m doing, even though he’s the one who cheated. What is wrong with this story? What is wrong with me?

I used to feel bad going for going out, even prior to finding out about the infidelity, because I knew he would question me when I got home, as if I was lying. Despite knowing I would be questioned, I still went bowling yesterday with friends, and had a great time!

So here’s my drama. After giving me SO much trouble for going out and having fun, he tells me that he is going out and stays out until 4 a.m. I bet you a million dollars he did that to “get back” at me. I came home at 10:30. Nothing good happens after 1am if you are not home with your wife, nothing good at all.

This is the frustrating silliness I have to deal with until I can afford to leave. Hopefully the next time I go out, I won’t feel bad if he gets annoyed.

8 thoughts on “Cheating Spouse and Going Out – DRAMA!”

  1. Hello, all the way from Tenerife! (I think it’s good to know where in the world my blog visitors originate) I like reading some of the posts from the site. I had some problems with the feed reader, but I think that is working now. Now I’m able to keep up to date with you.

    1. Thanks Maria, that’s awesome your checking in from Tenerife!! Glad that the phone version and feed reader works so well!!

  2. This is so funny to me because it reminds me how my husband used to give me guilt trips when I would hang out with either of our parents! I wasn’t even going to a bar with friends or anything…. You gotta have friends for that! I also just read your “blessing” catagory and it does make me think how I should start putting myself first to be a more happy person. I gave up ALL of who I am for him to be a wife and mother. I’m not putting ANY blame on my daughter by no means but looking back I do see how I was subjected to his controling behavior. Lucky for me he says he now knows how horrible he was for doing that and he said that from now on me and our daughter will always come first…We’ll see how long that’ll last.

    1. Oh my gosh – that was so me!! Especially the part where you say you gotta have friends for that…LOL!! I now realize that my ‘sacrifice’ for the family actually made me resentful and angry inside, especially dealing with the drama the few times I did go out. I am glad that your husband sees how his behavior impacted you, and I hope that you do take some time for you, your daughter will notice and do the same when she grows up to be a beautiful young women!!

  3. Ugh!!!! This decribes my husband to the Teee!!! I dont understand the point… Hes the one that should be trying to “make it up” to me. Thats by supporting me in everything i choose to do to help me cope!!

    1. Yvette,

      Yes!! That is exactly how I felt as well so it was a shock when he started acting like this, very bold and unfortunately, this behavior is more common than the one that we expect.

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