Cheating Husband John Edwards Admits He is the Father: Duh!!

So John Edwards had an affair and got the other woman pregnant. This is a situation that many women on this site can unfortunately relate to.

In some weird way, I feel that men cheat on their wives at times when their wives really need them the most—like when they’re pregnant, going through depression or, as in Elizabeth Edwards’ case, battling cancer. Regardless, when your husband has a child outside of your marriage, this makes a bad situation even worse. You cannot be hateful towards the child because it isn’t their fault that your husband cheated. At the same time, hearing about that child hurts and brings back memories of your husband’s deceit.

I’m honestly disgusted that so many married men not only cheat on their wives, but have unprotected sex while doing so. Especially when there are so many STDs out there (see Condoms and cheating for more on this issue). Like most cheating husbands, John Edwards trusted “the other woman.” She probably told him she was on the Pill and got pregnant on purpose as an attempt to pull him away from his family. That’s a lesson for any cheating men who are reading this: DON’T TRUST THE OTHER WOMAN! Instead, how about trusting your wife, who has been there for you and who hasn’t lied to you? Then again, that probably makes too way much sense for our cheating husbands to even think about.

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