Cheating Husband and Mom – THANK YOU (to the moms)!!

I would like to wish everyone reading a Happy Mother’s Day, especially those moms who have or had husbands who cheat(ed) on them.

There are so many situations that complicate cheating (which is already a complicated situation!), and having kids is one of them. There were times where I wanted to go away for a couple of days just to think, but when you have kids, it is really difficult to do. Your kids don’t understand why you are upset, and oftentimes wonder what they did wrong. If you have older kids, you often ask yourself if they know what has happened, and what you should say to them. You wonder if you should talk to them about you and your husband staying together or you leaving. And if you have kids, when do you have time to work on rebuilding the marriage and rebuilding yourself?

Ultimately, we have to love and raise our kids, no matter what is going on in our lives. This kind of love is the unselfish kind that a mother knows well. And I know there are tons of moms who go through their husband cheating, and put their own feelings aside in front of the kids in order to put a smile on their faces. For all the women who do that, thank you. If no one else has said that they appreciate you, I DO!

2 thoughts on “Cheating Husband and Mom – THANK YOU (to the moms)!!”

  1. It works both way; when a wife cheat on husband. I feel going away for a day or two and providing she is safe, it helps to be away. i know we all have fantasies and as we get older, our feelings to our mate changed somewhat that we fantasize having someone else, even for a day.

    1. Hello Edward,

      I think it does goes both ways, a wife can cheat on a husband. Some alone time can be healthy for both of you. Best of luck.


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