Should I Stay or Leave

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Is my cheating spouse serious about working things out? – Part III – Transparency

The final post in this 3 part series is about Transparency after the affair. When your husband cheats, trust is shattered. In most situations, we are not talking about a little white lie; we are talking about months or even year’s worth of lying and secrets. Not only as the wife are you dealing with Read More

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Is my cheating spouse serious about working things out? – Part II – Action

When I first found out about the affair, my ex-husband said he wanted to work things out. I believed him. But in time, his actions were not adding up to the words that were coming out of his mouth. All talk – no action. I was driving the affair recovery even though he cheated! Part Read More

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Is my cheating spouse serious about working things out? – Part I – Responsibility

Many people cheat. Few put in the time and effort it takes to recover. I have noticed some significant trends among those marriages that are able to survive infidelity versus those that do not make it. In this 3 part blog post, I am going to tackle some of the considerations that should take place Read More

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Did You Stay After Your Husband Had An Affair?

Choosing to stay with your cheating husband after he committed adultery is very common. There is no such thing as staying in the marriage or leaving; there are a couple shades of grey mixed into the decision. The truth is simple: some women stay, and some women leave. Your recovery after the affair isn’t about Read More

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After the Affair – Time to Move Out of the House

In the next two weeks, I am moving out of my house into an apartment. My mom and sister are flying into town tomorrow to help me move later this week. The whole thing is really bittersweet, especially because I have kids. I know they are going to be really confused in the coming months Read More

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If Your Husband Committed Infidelity, Be Prepared to Face the Most Difficult Predicament You Will Ever Face in Your Marriage

There is no lower point in your marriage than finding out that your husband committed infidelity. It literally turns your entire world upside down. Anger, fear, and pain become your best friends. In fact, it really is the most difficult situation to overcome in a marriage. The same question plays over and over again like Read More

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Yesterday I Cried For Hours

As you all know, overcoming an affair can be tough. I have made tremendous progress over the last year, but I still have my days. Yesterday was tough for me. I am moving out of the house within the next two months, and I had bottled up some really deep pain over leaving. Our financial Read More

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Surviving an Affair – 3 Quick Tips

Surviving an affair is all about preventing yourself from feeling low and depressed. When your husband has an affair, you’re often so shocked and upset that you have no idea what to do next. Here are some things that have helped me in my journey to recover. 1. Remember its okay to grieve. The man Read More

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My Cheating Husband and Me are Over, Ironically, I Am Less Stressed

The moment I decided that my marriage was over last year, I became less stressed. At that time, I was very attentive to my husband’s issues and took them on as my own. When he didn’t pay a bill, I was stressed. When he was running late for work, I was stressed. When he wanted Read More

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Cheating Spouse – Do You Really Want to End This?

I get this question almost every day from my cheating spouse. This marriage is over, and I don’t want to be affectionate towards my husband, because then I feel I am leading him on. At the same time, I feel like I am being cold hearted towards my husband (I know he cheated but I Read More

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Is My Cheating Spouse Worth the Help??

I know I have to eventually make a decision about what to do with my cheating spouse and my marriage, but right now I am just trying not to think about it all. Unfortunately, it keeps popping up. My husband and I still live in the same house. Deep down, I really want to be Read More

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Conversation With A Former Cheating Spouse

I was having lunch with a co-worker who is very happy now in his second marriage. I asked him what happened in his first marriage (that lasted for twelve years). He said he cheated on his wife during the first year of their marriage, and he feels that she never was able to recover from Read More

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Should I Stay or Leave My Cheating Husband??

When your husband has an affair, you are left with a major decision: Should I stay or leave? Despite what it sounds like, this is not a black and white decision. It involves many different variables, and sometimes I feel I think about those variables way too much. Although I decided to leave, that doesn’t Read More

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Life After the Affair – Now what?

life after affair

How do I function with life after the affair? I find myself spending and embarrassing amount of time thinking to myself “should I stay or should I leave?”. Should I stay for the kids or should I leave and break up the family?  This is what a cheating man does to a woman, makes her Read More