Sex after the Affair

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Do Cheating Husbands Use Condoms?

After your husband has an affair, trying to work on your marriage with him can be difficult, especially when it comes to sex. You can see how difficult this was for me by reading Sex after the affair, which explains what I went through when I was trying to salvage my marriage. Today, I want Read More

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The Stress of Sex and Your Cheating Spouse

My marriage is on life support. There is no sex, and we only communicate for the sake of our kids. I have told him that our marriage is over because of his affair and because I can’t get over his behavior, and that it’s okay for me to feel that way. Of course he wants Read More

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My Husband Cheated – 5 Reasons Why I Now Hate Having Sex With Him

Sex is a major part of a marriage, and infidelity in marriage makes sex about ten times more complicated (See Stress, sex, and affair recovery for more of my thoughts on this.). Right now, the sex in our relationship is so complicated that I don’t want to have it for five reasons. 1. Sexual performance Read More

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Cheating and Sex and Communication Breakdown

This sucks. I expected after an event like this that my husband would be warm and understanding, easy to communicate with, and most of all, humble. Instead, what I get is a huge communication gap. Let me explain. Have you ever begun a conversation with the plan to open your heart and share your feelings Read More

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Why did my husband cheat? His response.

Why did my husband cheat

Why? It’s the question that I can not get out of my mind, it plagues me.  I finally got to talk to him without fighting to try to answer the question “Why did my husband cheat?”. He is a summary of what he said in one sentence. My husband claims we didn’t have sex enough Read More