Sad after the affair

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When Does The Pain of the Affair End?

Many women contact me months and sometimes years after their husband’s affair, looking for an answer to why they are still in so much pain. Common questions include: Why does the pain linger on so long after the affair? How can I start to heal? One reason why it’s so difficult to get beyond the Read More

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After the Affair – The Different Types of Crying

I have come to realize that there are two types of crying associated with finding out that your husband had an affair. Both are very important towards your recovery, and understanding both types is crucial. Type I: The hurt/anger cry: This is the type of crying that comes with the pain of finding out that Read More

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Cougar Town and Why Do We Help Our Cheating Husbands?

I just recently watched my first episode of Cougar Town, which is a sitcom about a divorced woman entering the dating scene again. The plot of the episode I watched involved the main character Jules (almost like my name!) still feeling that she needs to help her ex-husband with several things. Towards the end of Read More

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Yesterday I Cried For Hours

As you all know, overcoming an affair can be tough. I have made tremendous progress over the last year, but I still have my days. Yesterday was tough for me. I am moving out of the house within the next two months, and I had bottled up some really deep pain over leaving. Our financial Read More

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After the Affair – I Am Sad Today

Going through the pain of infidelity is very difficult. Sometimes it’s hard to describe what it feels like. Basically, you have your good days, bad days, and days that you just want to crawl in a hole. You sometimes feel like there is no hope. Today, I have been consumed with sadness, because a part Read More

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When a husband cheats on you – the shock

When a husband cheats on you - the shock

When you are faced with a husband that cheats on you, it is utterly shocking. You see other people faced with infidelity, but you think that happens in ‘other people’s’ marriages’. It is hard to imagine your husband cheating until it occurs.  Personally, I thought my husband would never cheat on me.  But I guess Read More