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Pregnant – Cheating Husbands – YOU ARE NOT ALONE


Cheating While Pregnant and Patience

Being pregnant can be a difficult time for a married couple. Our bodies go through several changes when we’re pregnant, and every woman’s body reacts differently. For example, some women’s sex drives go through the roof while pregnant, others might have the opposite effect. Pregnancy is hard on a body, and our husbands have to …

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Husband Cheated While Pregnant | 4 Things Men Must Know

While I was listening to the radio yesterday, a husband called in complaining that his wife is totally different now that she is pregnant. I almost felt like he was using her fussiness to make a good case for cheating. His biggest complaint was, basically, “During the first pregnancy she did not act like this.” …

Husband Cheated While Pregnant | 4 Things Men Must KnowRead More »