Personal Recovery

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Self-reflection and forgiveness

Today I am going to share with you an update on the relationship between me and my ex-husband. Thanks to the site and my interactions with others, I started to realize his actions and cheating was similar to how others have been cheated on. I started to reflect deeply our marriage and as I started Read More

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Affair Recovery and Therapy

If you take a look at my responses when people write to me, many contain advice to seek therapy. I truly believe, based on your life situation, that some of what a wife goes through once she finds out that her husband cheated is similar to post-traumatic stress. I am not a doctor; it is Read More

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After infidelity – how I got out of the limbo stage

Affair recovery can be challenging in many ways. There are so many considerations and decisions to make, and it is overwhelming. I remember thinking to myself, I have to work on the marriage, I have to work on myself, I don’t want the kids impacted, if I leave where will I go, does my husband Read More

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The most important affair recovery lesson learned

During my recovery journey, one of the most important lessons I learned is that my happiness can absolutely not be dependent on another person, whether it’s my husband, my kids, or anyone else. I gave my entire self-worth to my husband, he was my confidence. So when he cheated, I was mentally paralyzed. Nothing felt Read More

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Husband Had An Affair and You Need Some Encouragement?

Here’s something I tell myself whenever I’m feeling awful about my husband’s infidelity. My husband committed the act of adultery, not me. He decided to go outside our marriage. He had many other options to address the problems we were having, but he choose the option which has left me hurt but not depressed, disappointed Read More

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Jenny Sanford (South Carolina’s First Lady) | A TRUE Cheating Spouse Recovery Woman

I recently watch Barbara Walter’s TV Program titled “The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009.” Surprisingly, two of the women featured on the show have gone through the pain of a cheating husband, Kate Gosselin and Jenny Sanford. I really enjoyed Jenny Sanford’s interview (so much that I wrote this post about it: Jenny Sanford Read More