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Affair Recovery – Strength

Bob Marley once said “You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.” I really like this quote as it made me reflect on my own life experience. If you are faced with an affair in your marriage, it is often the most difficult time in the marriage. People always Read More

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After the Affair – YOU Have To Fight For YOU

Your husband had an affair, and you were devastated. Months later, you still feel miserable. You’re lonely, lost, and you don’t feel like yourself anymore. Welcome to life after the affair. This is a stage that almost every woman goes through, so do not feel alone. The most important thing for you to do now Read More

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After the Affair – YOU Time

I want to remind everyone recovering from a husband’s affair to make sure you take care of yourself. Not for the marriage, not for the kids, not for your husband, but for YOU. So often we put ourselves, our needs, our desires, and our dreams last, saying we will wait until the kids get older Read More

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Recovering From An Affair – A Quote That Will Make You Smile

Recovering from an affair is not easy, and inspirational quotes have helped me along the way. I believe quotes are so powerful that they can literally give you a new perspective that can change your life. So today, I am going to share with you a quote I like, that helped me in personal recovery Read More

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When Does The Pain of the Affair End?

Many women contact me months and sometimes years after their husband’s affair, looking for an answer to why they are still in so much pain. Common questions include: Why does the pain linger on so long after the affair? How can I start to heal? One reason why it’s so difficult to get beyond the Read More

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What I Learned About ME From My Husband’s Infidelity

As most of you know, I am in a much better place than I was in 2009, when I found out about the affair. The mental devastation was horrible, I am just glad I made it through to a better mental state. If you’re not there, you will get there. One of the things that Read More

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We Are More Than Our Cheating Husbands

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope everyone had something positive happen to them over the holiday break (if you had one), whether it was watching a show that made you laugh, eating at your favorite restaurant, seeing family and friends, or something else entirely. As we start a new year, my hope is that everyone Read More

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Women in Recovery From the Affair – Wishing All of You the Best!!

For most women all over the world, this is a time for celebration. If you are recovering from finding out that your husband cheated, this holiday season may be more difficult for you than most. This year was the first that I spent Thanksgiving alone (once my husband picked up the kids it was just Read More

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Affair Recovery – First Step

I wanted to share with you something that really helped me in my recovery journey. We often are so distraught by the affair that it’s hard to know and understand how to make the first step towards recovery. However, there are many things one can do once they are in the “recovery zone” to help Read More

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I Won a Personal Battle Today, Some of You Might Be Able To Relate

Unless you’re really new to this site, you probably know that my husband and I are getting a divorce. He is aware of the fact that I am living in the house just until I save enough money to leave (which will be soon). At times, he wants to work things out, and sometimes he Read More

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Surviving an Affair – 3 Quick Tips

Surviving an affair is all about preventing yourself from feeling low and depressed. When your husband has an affair, you’re often so shocked and upset that you have no idea what to do next. Here are some things that have helped me in my journey to recover. 1. Remember its okay to grieve. The man Read More

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Recovery From Cheating

I know people who read my posts are at different stages in their recovery. Some just found out their husbands were having an affair, and the pain is so deep they wonder how they are going to get out of bed tomorrow. Some have lived in misery for a while and wonder when things will Read More

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Cheating Husband and Mom – THANK YOU (to the moms)!!

I would like to wish everyone reading a Happy Mother’s Day, especially those moms who have or had husbands who cheat(ed) on them. There are so many situations that complicate cheating (which is already a complicated situation!), and having kids is one of them. There were times where I wanted to go away for a Read More

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Impact of Finding Out Your Partner Cheated – Part III

Part I of this series explored the impact of cheating on your self-esteem. Part II talked about the impact an affair has on trust within the marriage. Today, I will discuss the final impact of finding out that your husband had sex outside the marriage. This impact can actually be positive or negative. The impact Read More