Overall Thoughts on Cheating

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My first Amazon book is available

My first book is now available on a website called Amazon.com. This is not a physical book (yet), it’s an ebook that you can read on any electronic device. The title is called The Cheating Husband Epidemic – Why Infidelity Has Become Mainstream and 8 Tools Used in Powerful Long Lasting Marriages. The full description Read More

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The new “Other Woman”

There is a very interesting trend I would like to share with you in the cheating world. One of the members of the site Susan pointed this trend out to me and she was spot on. The trend is that more and more women are coming to me saying that their husband is cheating on Read More

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Cell Phone Interaction and Married Couples

It is amazing how such a small device can cause so much drama. Within marriages all over the world, there is this debate over access to cell phones in marriage. On one hand, there are those that think that a marriage means that you are joined as one, therefore, you should have access to each Read More

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Cheating and Porn

Porn. Not sure when Porn became mainstream. Before the internet, it was a magazine. A piece of paper that contained images that would stimulate men (and some women). As a society, we went from pictures in a magazine to full interactive porn videos, online chat’s, and phone sex. Porn has gotten so sexually stimulating, and Read More

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My Husband Had an Affair – Myth vs Reality

Today, I am going to explore several popular myths concerning cheating within a marriage. Part of the reason that affairs are such a big issue is because of the myths and labels within affairs. These ‘statements’ often interfere with marriage recovery and recovery of self after infidelity has entered the home. Below are some of Read More

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Cheating, Viagra and Cialis oh my!!

Caution: If you find a bottle of Viagra or Cialis in your husband’s closet and he did not take those pills before, this might be a sign that he is cheating. If you go on any of the sites that give you advice about cheating husbands, they typically ask whether your husband is using a Read More

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Why do men have affairs? The different types of cheaters.

Why do men have affairs? While I can’t give you anything that will answer all of your questions, but I can provide you with my personal thoughts about the type of men who engage in affairs. Although society tends to put all cheaters in the same category, I don’t think this is accurate. There are Read More

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Do All Men Cheat?

One could easily come to this site, see the hundreds of stories and wonder, “Do all men treat their wives like this?” The answer is no. I have also been fortunate enough to interact with several men who have contacted me privately, devastated that their wives have cheated on them. I can tell from their Read More

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Interesting Perspective About Cheating From A Woman And My Response

The message in this post was submitted to the ‘My Story’ section of the site. I decided to post it here instead together with my response. The woman who wrote it was not directly involved in an affair, but she has seen the impact of cheating on someone close to her. Baytta writes: “Here is Read More

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Why Are Affairs Happening So Often?

Cheating seems to be popular in our society. Maybe I lived a sheltered life, but I don’t remember hearing about as many husbands having affairs fifteen or even ten years ago as I do now. What is going on? Part of me feels that affairs have always been common, but they are just more exposed Read More

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6 Reasons Why Our Husbands Cheat On Us with Women That Don’t Have It Together

Hello, ladies. Welcome to another post! Who is….”The Other Woman?”. Despite the stereotype of “The other woman” being prettier, smarter, richer, or “better” in other ways than a man’s wife, it’s actually pretty common for this stereotype not to be accurate at all. Often a wife will contact me surprised at who the husband is Read More

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Elin and Tiger – Same Story, Different Cast – Part II

In part I of this two part series, I talked about how Elin’s interview reminded me that the pain of finding out your husband committed infidelity is universal. Today, I will talk about how having money and being famous impacts you when you find out your husband cheated. Although this isn’t always the case, typically Read More

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Sleep With A Married Man and Get Sued, Coming To A State Near You

I was reading a story today about an American Idol star named Fantasia who could potentially be sued for having an affair. North Carolina is one of seven states where you can sue the actual home wrecker for ruining your marriage. This is very interesting. On the one hand, I personally feel that the cheating Read More

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After the Affair – Has Your Job Cheated On You Too?

After the affair, something changed in how I look at work. Basically, the BS that I (and every other employee everywhere) have to deal with there just got on my nerves a little more than it ever had before. Every time I have a day like I did today where something makes me so upset Read More