Jewels Affair Recovery Milestones

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Cheating Spouse, Divorce, Jewels Update

Hi everyone, I wanted to send a quick note to give you an update into my journey. Quick overview of the past: My husband cheated on me in early 2009. I tried to work it out, but I found out that while I was working it out, he was still involved with the OW. I Read More

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After the Affair – Time to Move Out of the House

In the next two weeks, I am moving out of my house into an apartment. My mom and sister are flying into town tomorrow to help me move later this week. The whole thing is really bittersweet, especially because I have kids. I know they are going to be really confused in the coming months Read More

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The Wedding Ring Has Come Off – My Current Status

I think the moment when you actually take your wedding ring off following an affair is a really powerful one. I actually took my ring off in anger weeks ago, but decided not to put it back on as a sign of strength. I think many times we women keep that ring on because it Read More

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Cheating Spouse: Telling Your Parents

Today, I finally told my dad about my husband cheating on me. I had told my mom and sister already, but I put off telling my dad because I feared his disappointment. My dad is big into family and really wants me to think twice about making all major decisions because of my little ones Read More