Emotional Triggers from the Affair

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Emotional Affairs

Emotional affairs can be a tricky area for most married couples. There is a very thin line between ‘friend’ and ‘emotional affair’. What typically happens is that the wife finds a text, email or phone call from a woman that makes the wife uncomfortable. When the wife confronts the husband, she gets ‘Geez, you are Read More

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Sexting, Texting, and Cheating

Sexting— sending text messages of a sexual nature—and cheating often go hand-in-hand. In fact, sexting was how I discovered my husband’s affair. My husband had been sexting the OW for months. Then one day, he left his phone at home. I was already feeling suspicious because of the way he had been behaving, so I Read More

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Why Affair Recovery is Difficult – #1 TRIGGER

I just realized today why recovering from a husband’s affair is so darn difficult! After you discover adultery within the marriage, you will see, hear, or remember certain things that will remind you of your husband cheating and put you back in that angry or sad place. Check out After the affair: five emotional triggers Read More

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Cheating Husband Triggers and Sexual Abuse Triggers

Hi, ladies. I know it’s been a while since I’ve last written. I was transitioning into living in my new apartment, and I’m glad to say that everything is going well. Today, I wanted to talk about the connection between sexual abuse, triggers, and affairs. If the term is unfamiliar to you, a trigger is Read More

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I Won a Personal Battle Today, Some of You Might Be Able To Relate

Unless you’re really new to this site, you probably know that my husband and I are getting a divorce. He is aware of the fact that I am living in the house just until I save enough money to leave (which will be soon). At times, he wants to work things out, and sometimes he Read More

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After the Affair – 5 Emotional Triggers

Dealing with your husband cheating is like going on a rollercoaster with your emotions. With that said, you will likely experience emotional triggers after your husband’s affair. An emotional trigger is something that brings back memories of the affair and sometimes takes you back to a place where you’re feeling pretty down. Of course, the Read More