Communication After the Affair

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Six thoughts to consider if you catch your spouse on Ashley Madison

Hi, Many of you might have heard the news about Ashley Madison. Ashely Madison is a website for married men and women to meet up with other married men and women who want to have affairs. The owners of the site make over 100 million a year with over 38 million users. There is a Read More

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The Pain of an Affair – Does your husband know?

Hi Ladies, I hope everyone is doing better than the day before. I am still plugging away writing the book and trying to manage life in between. It will be available within the next couple of months. If you are on my email list you will surely receive notification. I want to share with you Read More

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Cell Phone Interaction and Married Couples

It is amazing how such a small device can cause so much drama. Within marriages all over the world, there is this debate over access to cell phones in marriage. On one hand, there are those that think that a marriage means that you are joined as one, therefore, you should have access to each Read More

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Emotional Affairs

Emotional affairs can be a tricky area for most married couples. There is a very thin line between ‘friend’ and ‘emotional affair’. What typically happens is that the wife finds a text, email or phone call from a woman that makes the wife uncomfortable. When the wife confronts the husband, she gets ‘Geez, you are Read More

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Who is leading the affair recovery?

The days following an infidelity within the marriage is always critical. Emotions and feelings are high, and you are literally trying to make sense of each day. As women, we typically go into ‘fix it’ mode, trying to save the marriage after cheating. Through the tears, anger, and hurt, we try to figure out what Read More

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Recovering From An Affair and You Hear “Just Get Over it”

Dealing with a cheating spouse is not a walk in the park. It’s even harder when he tells you to “just get over it!” while you’re dealing with one of the most difficult situations you will ever face. I bet a million dollars they would be livid if we’d cheated on them and told them Read More

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My Cheating Husband – Observation on Communication

Recovering from my husband’s affair for me this weekend includes cleaning, watching the kids, more cleaning, and talking with my husband. On Saturday night, I was thinking really hard about the marriage, the affair, and my happiness radar. Something popped out as a major issue, and surprisingly it wasn’t the act of my husband cheating Read More

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After the Affair – The Questioning!

I am fortunate enough to have TiVo (which allows you to record shows), and I just got around to watching the premier of Trauma, which comes on Monday nights. This particular episode had a character that had an affair. One scene involved his wife asking him why he was coming home late. He told her Read More

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Cheating and Sex and Communication Breakdown

This sucks. I expected after an event like this that my husband would be warm and understanding, easy to communicate with, and most of all, humble. Instead, what I get is a huge communication gap. Let me explain. Have you ever begun a conversation with the plan to open your heart and share your feelings Read More

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Husband After the Affair – I Want to Work Things Out

I caught my husband cheating in March 2009. Now he claims he wants to work things out, and I am really, really tired. I know it is going to take a ton of effort to rebuild the trust in our marriage, but is rebuilding it worth all the time and energy? I don’t know. Relationships Read More