Cheating Recovery SONGS!

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Affair Recovery Song – Ne-Yo Why

Hi Ladies, I heard this one today, it’s short and sweet, and captures infidelity in a way that is pretty deep. Enjoy Read More

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Cheating Recovery Song – Chris Young – The man I want to be

Hi Ladies, one of the members sent me this song to share with everyone, about a man wanting to do better.     Read More

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Cheating Recovery Song – Anthony Hamilton

Hi Ladies, I know it’s been a while, I have been working hard to update the site and think about what I want to do next. I ran across this song and wanted to share. It’s one of those songs that you wish your husband would sing to you after you found out. I have Read More

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Cheating Recovery Song – You’ll Think of Me – Keith Urban

Hi Ladies, I like this song, it’s about a man that discover’s his woman cheating, but everything still applies. It’s also got an empowering tone to it, which I like. (Click Read More to listen to song) Read More

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Love, Marriage and Divorce – “Take It Back” – Cheating Recovery Songs

Toni Braxton and Babyface created an amazing album title “Love, Marriage and Divorce”. This creation is a wonderful collection of songs about relationships. Five stars from me, anyone who is married and experience infidelity can relate to many of these songs. Below is just one of the songs, titled “Take It Back”. Enjoy Read More

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Cheating Recovery Song #6 – Karyn White – Superwoman

Hi Ladies, This song is a classic, represents so many of us women who try hard to be that superwomen Read More

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Cheating Recovery Song #5 – Too late to apologize

This cheating recovery song comes from community member LisaP, the song is by Timberland, called Apologize Read More

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Cheating Recovery song #4 Dixie Chicks – You were mine

Song #4 comes from Mary from Canada, it’s Dixie Chicks, you were mine, enjoy Read More

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Cheating Recovery Song #3 Beyonce – Resentment

Hello Ladies, I am going to separate the songs by Affair Empowerment Songs and Cheating Recovery Songs.  Affair Empowerment will be those songs that get you moving and thinking about the amazing women that you are.  Cheating Recovery Songs are songs that you can relate to, songs that hit home as far as how you Read More

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Cheating Recovery Song 2 – Patti LaBelle

A while back I was going to start a section of the website for songs to listen to during affair recovery. Some songs will make you smile, some will make you cry, but you will relate to every song. Well it’s time for me to start that back up. One of the community members Auntieapple Read More

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Cheating Recovery Song – #1

I decided that I am going to start including some music that has really connected with me through the affair. Some songs will make you cry, some will be encouraging, and some might not do anything for you. My hope is that you can find yourself in each of the songs that I post. Hopefully Read More