Affair Empowerment SONGS!!

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Affair Empowerment Song – I feel like a woman!

It’s time to add some songs to the empowerment category! This song always gets me pumped up and feeling good Read More

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Affair Empowerment Song #3 – No more rain in this cloud!

Ladies, this affair empowerment song comes from community member Cocobee, the song is by Angie Stone and it’s called No more rain – take care Read More

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Affair Empowerment Song#2 – I will survive! Gloria Gaynor

Several members of the community have suggested this as an empowerment song – so enjoy!! Side Note – In watching the youtube video of Gloria Gaynor I wish I could skate and dance like that :) Read More

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Affair Empowerment Song #1 – Kelly Clarkson – Stronger

Hello Ladies, This is the start of a new category on the site, Affair Empowerment Songs! These are songs you listen to when you are having one of those days – we have all had them. To kick this off is Kelly Clarkson’s Strong brought to you by Sandy-Sue on the site!! This is such Read More