Affair Recovery Stranger

It’s interesting to me that I find it easier to talk to strangers about the affair than people close to me. I guess I feel less embarrassed and judged with people who don’t know either of us.

For example, I met a woman yesterday who told me she found out her husband was having an affair ten days ago—right before her birthday. She has lost weight and is trying to get her appetite back. Sound familiar? It is so hard to eat, sleep, or think straight when you first find out your husband is cheating. The Impact of the affair can really be extreme. I think what makes it so bad is that we sacrifice SO MUCH for our marriages. We bend over backwards to pay bills and make ends meet, and try to keep a somewhat structured lifestyle. I almost feel like today’s man will cheat unless you meet his standard of “perfection.”

Fortunately, the lady I spoke with had a great energy and high spirit. She started communicating with me out of the blue and felt comfortable enough to share something very personal. It was great for ME to talk with her, because I could now talk face-to-face with someone who has gone through a similar situation. It was great for HER because she was able to share her story and release some of the tension.

I hope she is able to realize soon that she is beautiful beyond measure, and that she did not deserve to have a cheating husband. None of us deserve this treatment. I think realizing this is a key step in our own personal recovery from the affair.

There is something better for us, ladies, but we have to stay strong and believe it. I am not at the place right now where I am focusing on that “better” part being a man, but I sure know for a fact something is coming that is much better for me. We do not go through trials like this in our lives for nothing; everything happens for a reason.