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One of the member’s of the community (Leslie) wrote a wonderful comment about some of the things that she does when she is looking to bring herself to a better mood. Often during the recovery of infidelity (and even before), we neglect those simple little actions that bring us joy. I remember not taking those little acts of joy because in my mind I would say “I don’t have time to watch comedy or read my favorite book, my marriage is falling apart.”

BUT, in time, I realized that depriving myself of any joy was only hurting me, and my family because I was becoming more and more miserable. Giving myself small acts of joy was exactly what I needed. I started very small, watching my favorite show, or taking a walk to get some fresh air. When I started to take small acts of joy, it would give me a calming sense, it was almost as if it was mental peace, which was needed during that time of pain and confusion.

Most of you reading this post are going through a tremendous amount of pain and frustration, but you still deserve to smile. You still deserve to smile. And when you take the step and say “Regardless of what is going on, I can take a step towards joy”, everything changes. It changes because by you deciding to do something purely because it brings you joy, you take a step towards reclaiming your power. You do not need a reason or excuse to take an act of joy, just do it. What you will find, is slowly but surely, you will start to feel more empowered.
Below are some of the suggestions that Lesile wrote on the simple ways she takes small acts of joy. What are your small acts of joy?

From Leslie:
If you are sad today, thats ok.
I get sad sometimes too.
Some of my Tips to get through the hard days.

Just watching a comedy and laughing out loud gives your spirit time to experience its natural joy.

Sometimes when my son is with his father I take in a great action flick at the theater by myself.

Sometimes I go and get my toes done in a happy color or I go and get a $15 haircut from great clips and style it myself.

Looking cute helps I don’t want another man right now but I’m not gonna let myself fall apart either.

A cup of coffee with a really good friend at the local Starbucks, some people watching, and good conversation is great.

And hey, everybody is going through something. Keep in mind most often than not what you see is a facade that people put on (happy marriages, kids, family job) and you are not alone. So after the kids are down for the night, read a good book and go to another land for a while or take a hot relaxing bath so that it helps you get the rest that you need and deserve.

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