A Secret That Helps My Affair Recovery

Hello, ladies.

Today I’m writing to say that even though my husband had an affair, my life is great!

I want to share with you a secret that has done wonders for my energy and my recovery process. This is something that I started to do just for fun, and in the end it really helped me loosen up and relax a bit.

The secret is (drum roll)…DANCING. That’s right. Music can really set the mood, be it a happy or sad. After your husband has an affair, life sometimes seems like such a drag, and a great song is a great pick-me-up.

What I do is this: sometimes when I am alone, and the kids are in bed, I plug in my iPod and play my favorite tunes. And then I dance my butt off! It is such a freeing feeling for your body and your spirit. You can shake it all you want, sing all you want, and no matter what you do, you’re okay. Nobody’s judging you (heck, nobody’s even watching!), so your goal is to just let loose and have fun.

Try it. I BET money that if you do this for ten minutes a day (roughly three songs a day) for ten days straight, your mood will change for the better.

I hope you dance!

3 thoughts on “A Secret That Helps My Affair Recovery”

  1. Just found out 2 days before Christmas that my husband has been having an affair. We are still together but not sure if it Will last. I have found a lot of comfort in music and have been dancing… I really recommend it too!

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