Whitney Houston’s Cheating Husband

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So I know I am a bit late writing about this (thanks to TiVo), but I just finished watching Whitney Houston on Oprah.

It was interesting to hear her talk about the drugs, the money, and her lifestyle. I was also totally glued to every word she said about her relationship with her former husband, Bobbi Brown. Ladies, she fell into the trap many of us fall into, including me: trying to lower your standards to make your husband feel like “the man.” It must have been very difficult for someone like Whitney to make her husband feel important because she had more money than Bobbi did, which can make a man feel insecure.

But I was so surprised to hear not only that her husband cheated on her, but that her emotions were similar to my emotions. I make more money than my husband as well, so I tried to make him feel better about this by listening to him more, agreeing to do things his way, and not going out as much because he didn’t want me to. And just like what happened to Whitney, he cheated anyway. You could tell Whitney was hurt by the fact that he would disrespect her by bringing another woman into her house after all they’d been through. My cheating husband did the same thing!

So for one moment in time I felt a strong connection with her during the show. And even though it was through the TV, it felt so good knowing that we can be bonded through this experience—bonded in a way that transcends all financial backgrounds, all races and religions. The hurt from infidelity is universal, and the only good thing about hurt being universal is that it gives me faith that healing can be universal as well.

Thanks, Whitney, for being so open and making me feel less alone.

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