Why do men cheat?

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My first Amazon book is available

My first book is now available on a website called Amazon.com. This is not a physical book (yet), it’s an ebook that you can read on any electronic device. The title is called The Cheating Husband Epidemic – Why Infidelity Has Become Mainstream and 8 Tools Used in Powerful Long Lasting Marriages. The full description Read More

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Why do men have affairs? The different types of cheaters.

Why do men have affairs? While I can’t give you anything that will answer all of your questions, but I can provide you with my personal thoughts about the type of men who engage in affairs. Although society tends to put all cheaters in the same category, I don’t think this is accurate. There are Read More

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Why do men cheat?

Husbands who commit adultery often blame their wives for the affair. “I cheated because we argued too much.” “I cheated because we didn’t have enough sex.” “I cheated because I was stressed and overwhelmed.” “I cheated because I didn’t feel important to you now that we have kids.” “I cheated because she made me feel Read More

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Infidelity in Marriage – Don’t Believe the Hype!!

In the past couple of weeks, I have seen several articles on husbands’ infidelity that seem to suggest that the wife is all at fault. The articles all start out with a headline like, “Here is why your man cheated.” or “Here is why men stray.” Then they proceed to portray the other woman as Read More

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Cheating and Maturity – The Connection

I think my husband’s affair is directly linked to the fact that we handle life’s obstacles differently. He is very quick to blame others for all of his problems; very rarely does he look within. I tend to look within first before blaming others. Not a good combination because he is always blaming me and Read More

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The Theory About Cheating Husbands that No One Wants to Talk About

I have been playing around with this theory for some time now. There are tons of reasons that husbands cheat, but this one doesn’t really get discussed a lot. The idea is this: Maybe this experience has come into my life because my husband is not ‘the one’. I don’t think I believe in the Read More

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Husband caught cheating and blaming me?

My husband was caught cheating in March 2009, and a week later, my baby boy was born. Want to know what just made me sick about this entire experience? I was less upset with the fact that my husband was caught cheating and  more angry at his reaction when I found out. He just didn’t Read More

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Why did my husband cheat? His response.

Why did my husband cheat

Why? It’s the question that I can not get out of my mind, it plagues me.  I finally got to talk to him without fighting to try to answer the question “Why did my husband cheat?”. He is a summary of what he said in one sentence. My husband claims we didn’t have sex enough Read More