Trust After the Affair

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Impact of Finding Out Your Partner Cheated – Part II

Part I of this series dealt with the impact of finding out your partner cheated as it relates to your self-esteem. Part II focuses on trust within the marriage. From the moment you find out that your husband has cheated on you, you question everything. Trust is shattered like a broken window. You not only Read More

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After the Affair – The Questioning!

I am fortunate enough to have TiVo (which allows you to record shows), and I just got around to watching the premier of Trauma, which comes on Monday nights. This particular episode had a character that had an affair. One scene involved his wife asking him why he was coming home late. He told her Read More

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After the Affair Paranoia

Now that my spouse has cheated, I am getting a little paranoid. In some ways, I think it makes sense for me to feel this way. He kept seeing her while I was thinking we were “working on the marriage,” after all. I feel so used, and at times I feel like a fool. The Read More

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Recovery from Infidelity Has Me Drained

Recovery from infidelity is exhausting. Today was just a really draining day dealing with my cheating husband. I allowed myself to be upset by his words. I hate when I let him get to me. It doesn’t make sense and I do it over and over again. My cheating husband wants to do things his Read More