The Other Woman

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7 Reasons Why the Other Woman Knows Your Husband Is Married and Continues To Cheat


Ladies, today I would like to shed some insight into the topic of the other woman (OW). As wives, we are often shocked that another woman would have an affair with our husband without a care in the world. What type of woman would do that? The hard core truth is that it is very Read More

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Why the ‘Other Woman’ Tells the Wife about the Affair


Yes, even though it might appear I just talk to only wives on the site, I actually talk to all parties, including the other woman. And today I would like to share and interesting perspective that has led me to understand why the OW calls and tells the wife in certain situations. So here is Read More

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Sexting, Texting, and Cheating


Sexting—that is, sending text messages of a sexual nature—and cheating often go hand-in-hand. In fact, sexting (the term used for these sexually charged text messages) were how I found out about my husband’s affair. My husband had been sexting the other woman for months. Then, one day, he left his phone at home. I was Read More

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6 Reasons Why Our Husbands Cheat On Us with Women That Don’t Have It Together


Hello, ladies. Welcome to another post! Today I’d like to write a bit about the women our husbands cheat on us with. Despite the stereotype of other women being prettier, smarter, richer, or “better” in other ways than a man’s wife, it’s actually pretty common for OWs not to be the brightest, prettiest girls on Read More

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Affair With Friend – The Great Debate


I recently read an interesting article that listed some statistics about cheating. The statistic that stood out to me stated that the majority of affairs happen with a person the cheater considers to be a “friend.” I think that many people often feel they can control themselves around “friends” of the opposite sex. However, the Read More