Stress and Cheating

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Marriage infidelity and lack of control

Marriage Infidelity can shine a light on yourself and your relationship in ways that you can not imagine. The event often forces you to question your beliefs on family, love, and your true self. One of the reasons I was so devastated was because I felt an intense lack of control. With Google and friends Read More

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Cheating Husband and Stress

The impact on finding out your partner cheated can really impact your stress level, which can literally turn into health issues. The first year after I found out my ex-husband cheated, I went to the doctor numerous times for chest pain (yes, I know ironic, my heart literally hurt). I had no idea what was Read More

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Cheating While Pregnant and Patience

Being pregnant can be a difficult time for a married couple. Our bodies go through several changes when we’re pregnant, and every woman’s body reacts differently. For example, some women’s sex drives go through the roof while pregnant, others might have the opposite effect. Pregnancy is hard on a body, and our husbands have to Read More

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If Your Husband Committed Infidelity, Be Prepared to Face the Most Difficult Predicament You Will Ever Face in Your Marriage

There is no lower point in your marriage than finding out that your husband committed infidelity. It literally turns your entire world upside down. Anger, fear, and pain become your best friends. In fact, it really is the most difficult situation to overcome in a marriage. The same question plays over and over again like Read More

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My Cheating Husband and Me are Over, Ironically, I Am Less Stressed

The moment I decided that my marriage was over last year, I became less stressed. At that time, I was very attentive to my husband’s issues and took them on as my own. When he didn’t pay a bill, I was stressed. When he was running late for work, I was stressed. When he wanted Read More

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Dealing With A Cheating Spouse

Dealing with a cheating spouse can have tremendous detrimental effects on your health. Some days I feel very weak because I am carrying such a load of resentment and anger, and that stress harms my body. Since I found out my husband had cheated, I have been to the doctor at more than fifteen times Read More

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Cheating Spouse Just Something Else I Am Pissed About

I always tell my husband that it wasn’t the sex that has me so upset, it is everything else that comes with infidelity. For example, my spouse was supposed to be the protector, the one who makes sure the door is locked and that nobody messes with his wife. And in an ironic twist of Read More

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After the Affair – The Questioning!

I am fortunate enough to have TiVo (which allows you to record shows), and I just got around to watching the premier of Trauma, which comes on Monday nights. This particular episode had a character that had an affair. One scene involved his wife asking him why he was coming home late. He told her Read More

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Recovery from Infidelity Has Me Drained

Recovery from infidelity is exhausting. Today was just a really draining day dealing with my cheating husband. I allowed myself to be upset by his words. I hate when I let him get to me. It doesn’t make sense and I do it over and over again. My cheating husband wants to do things his Read More

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Life After the Affair – Now what?

life after affair

How do I function with life after the affair? I find myself spending and embarrassing amount of time thinking to myself “should I stay or should I leave?”. Should I stay for the kids or should I leave and break up the family?  This is what a cheating man does to a woman, makes her Read More