Recovery Tips

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After infidelity – how I got out of the limbo stage

Affair recovery can be challenging in many ways. There are so many considerations and decisions to make, and it is overwhelming. I remember thinking to myself, I have to work on the marriage, I have to work on myself, I don’t want the kids impacted, if I leave where will I go, does my husband Read More

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Did You Stay After Your Husband Had An Affair?

Choosing to stay with your cheating husband after he committed adultery is very common. There is no such thing as staying in the marriage or leaving; there are a couple shades of grey mixed into the decision. The truth is simple: some women stay, and some women leave. Your recovery after the affair isn’t about Read More

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Recovering From An Affair – A Quote That Will Make You Smile

Recovering from an affair is not easy, and inspirational quotes have helped me along the way. I believe quotes are so powerful that they can literally give you a new perspective that can change your life. So today, I am going to share with you a quote I like, that helped me in personal recovery Read More

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When Does The Pain of the Affair End?

Many women contact me months and sometimes years after their husband’s affair, looking for an answer to why they are still in so much pain. Common questions include: Why does the pain linger on so long after the affair? How can I start to heal? One reason why it’s so difficult to get beyond the Read More

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Affair Recovery – First Step

I wanted to share with you something that really helped me in my recovery journey. We often are so distraught by the affair that it’s hard to know and understand how to make the first step towards recovery. However, there are many things one can do once they are in the “recovery zone” to help Read More

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A Secret That Helps My Affair Recovery

Hello, ladies. Today I’m writing to say that even though my husband had an affair, my life is great! I want to share with you a secret that has done wonders for my energy and my recovery process. This is something that I started to do just for fun, and in the end it really Read More

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Surviving an Affair – 3 Quick Tips

Surviving an affair is all about preventing yourself from feeling low and depressed. When your husband has an affair, you’re often so shocked and upset that you have no idea what to do next. Here are some things that have helped me in my journey to recover. 1. Remember its okay to grieve. The man Read More