Feel Stuck After the Affair

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Talk to a lawyer after the affair – be empowered

Many women contact me after their husband cheated and state that they are in no shape to leave the marriage because they cannot make it financially by themselves. This statement is more common when kids are involved. “I can’t afford to leave.” Trust me, I understand. That is exactly what I said as well. How Read More

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Cheating Husband – He knows your FEAR

I would like to share with you a secret that I have discovered over the years about cheating husbands. Once they get caught cheating, they know that they have done wrong, they know that what they did is not fair —- but most importantly, they know your fears. They know that you are fearful of Read More

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Is my cheating spouse still cheating?

This is one of the most common worries wives have about their husbands after they’ve cheated on them. You caught him cheating, he says he is sorry and he wants to work on the marriage. But you have this nagging feeling that something is still going on. On the one hand, after finding our your Read More

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Infidelity in Marriage Impacts Self-Esteem

Many of you, including myself, have made the following statement at some point: “Dealing with the aftermath of my husband’s infidelity is by far the hardest thing I have gone through.” Today, I want to get a little bit into why it’s so difficult. Let’s say someone makes a nasty comment about you in traffic Read More

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After the Affair – Time to Move Out of the House

In the next two weeks, I am moving out of my house into an apartment. My mom and sister are flying into town tomorrow to help me move later this week. The whole thing is really bittersweet, especially because I have kids. I know they are going to be really confused in the coming months Read More

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Cheating Spouse and Going Out – DRAMA!

It seems like every time I want to go out, my husband gives me a hard time or is all of a sudden ‘busy’. He has never directly said it, but he is irritated when I go out with friends. Every time I want to do something, he says he has plans so I won’t Read More

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Financial Problems and Cheating

As I think about my life right now, I think I really can’t complain because I am able to feed my two kids, I have a job, and I have a house. But…I never thought in a million years that in 2009 I would be struggling to pay my mortgage, have a ton of debt Read More