Famous Affairs

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Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher Divorce

Last November, another Hollywood marriage ended due to cheating. In this case, it was Demi Moore’s marriage to Ashton Kutcher. This has been happening so often for several years now, which is an indication that something is wrong with the state our society. In fact, several women on this site have commented about issues relating Read More

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Rep. Weiner, Another Lying Cheating Husband?

This story is pretty embarrassing. Last November, Rep. Anthony Weiner tried to send a photograph of himself in his underwear to a college student on Twitter, thinking it is a private message. Instead, he accidentally posted it for the world to see. Online cheating, here we go again! First he lied about what happened (“Uh… Read More

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Maria Shriver and Her Cheating Husband Arnold Schwarzenegger

There is a lot of buzz lately about Maria Shriver’s husband Arnold Schwarzenegger having an affair and a child with another woman ten years ago. Apparently, the woman was still working with their family up until Maria found out. Maria has four kids, and I believe most of them are in their teens or early Read More

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Elin and Tiger – Same Story, Different Cast – Part II

In part I of this two part series, I talked about how Elin’s interview reminded me that the pain of finding out your husband committed infidelity is universal. Today, I will talk about how having money and being famous impacts you when you find out your husband cheated. Although this isn’t always the case, typically Read More

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Elin and Tiger – Same Story, Different Cast – Part I

Elin finally broke her silence about Tiger Woods’ affairs (read Elin’s interview here). One thing I gathered from her interview with The Huffington Post is that the pain of an affair is universal. Yes, she has a lot of money, but she clearly has experienced the same deep wound we all feel when we find Read More

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Sleep With A Married Man and Get Sued, Coming To A State Near You


I was reading a story today about an American Idol star named Fantasia who could potentially be sued for having an affair. North Carolina is one of seven states where you can sue the actual home wrecker for ruining your marriage. This is very interesting. On the one hand, I personally feel that the cheating Read More

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Cheating Spouse – John Edwards


Lately, I have been watching the terrible and sad story of John and Elizabeth Edwards unfold. I really wish that Elizabeth had gotten out of the relationship sooner. In fact, I really feel that she wanted things to work out so bad that she didn’t care whether or not she felt miserable. Sound familiar? As Read More

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Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, Another Cheating Story!


I love Sandra Bullock’s acting, and I’m really sad to see that she can now join our circle after her husband’s affair. This is what makes me upset. Sandra is like me because she is also what most people think of when they think they hear the term “good girl.” In fact, she is the Read More

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Tiger Woods, 3 Reasons Why I Did Not Like His Public Apology


Yesterday, I watched Tiger make his public apology for having an affair, and I thought it was lame for a couple of reasons. 1. Tiger was way too scripted. He really sounded like a robot. In fact, I almost feel that someone is telling him how to execute every move. Regardless of his actions, being Read More

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Cheating Husband John Edwards Admits He is the Father: Duh!!


So John Edwards had an affair and got the other woman pregnant. This is a situation that many women on this site can unfortunately relate to. In some weird way, I feel that men cheat on their wives at times when their wives really need them the most—like when they’re pregnant, going through depression or Read More

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Jenny Sanford (South Carolina’s First Lady) | A TRUE Cheating Spouse Recovery Woman


I recently watch Barbara Walter’s TV Program titled “The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009.” Surprisingly, two of the women featured on the show have gone through the pain of a cheating husband, Kate Gosselin and Jenny Sanford. I really enjoyed Jenny Sanford’s interview (so much that I wrote this post about it: Jenny Sanford Read More

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Rihanna Interview and Cheating Spouses – 4 Connections


It has been reported that singer Rihanna and Chris Brown have been involved in an abusive relationship. The whole world found out about the abuse a few months ago after Chris beat her up badly. She did her first interview a couple of weeks ago (see Rihanna Interview) where she talked about it. I was Read More

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Jewels “Ah Ha’ Moment About Her Cheating Spouse


You know, I love deep conversations, and I had a valuable one this weekend around infidelity. I was talking to my girlfriend about relationships, and she is clearly much wiser than I am in that department. I just met her recently, so she had no clue that my husband had cheated on me. I told Read More

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Will Smith |Divorce Thoughts


I really enjoy hearing about Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s relationship. It seems like they are really grounded, and I hope that nothing comes in the way of their union. Will Smith recently spoke in an interview and said that he could have made his first marriage work. In fact, he said that divorce was “the Read More