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Infidelity in Marriage Impacts Self-Esteem

Many of you, including myself, have made the following statement at some point: “Dealing with the aftermath of my husband’s infidelity is by far the hardest thing I have gone through.” Today, I want to get a little bit into why it’s so difficult. Let’s say someone makes a nasty comment about you in traffic Read More

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Cheating Spouse: Telling Your Parents

Today, I finally told my dad about my husband cheating on me. I had told my mom and sister already, but I put off telling my dad because I feared his disappointment. My dad is big into family and really wants me to think twice about making all major decisions because of my little ones Read More

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Husband After the Affair – I Want to Work Things Out

I caught my husband cheating in March 2009. Now he claims he wants to work things out, and I am really, really tired. I know it is going to take a ton of effort to rebuild the trust in our marriage, but is rebuilding it worth all the time and energy? I don’t know. Relationships Read More

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Affair Recovery Stranger

It’s interesting to me that I find it easier to talk to strangers about the affair than people close to me. I guess I feel less embarrassed and judged with people who don’t know either of us. For example, I met a woman yesterday who told me she found out her husband was having an Read More