Anger and Infidelity

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Cheating Spouse and Anger

If your husband has cheated on you, then you are very familiar with the type of anger you feel after the affair. It is a type of anger you did not even know you possessed. The week you found out about your cheating husband, you probably engaged in some verbal and physical activity that you Read More

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Coping with Infidelity – My crazy moments

Coping with infidelity is tough, especially when you first find out. For the first month or two after I found the sexual text messages my husband had sent to the other woman, I was a daze. I couldn’t remember basic things, and I was not functioning properly. I felt as though I had lost my Read More

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When Does The Pain of the Affair End?

Many women contact me months and sometimes years after their husband’s affair, looking for an answer to why they are still in so much pain. Common questions include: Why does the pain linger on so long after the affair? How can I start to heal? One reason why it’s so difficult to get beyond the Read More

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Why Affair Recovery is Difficult – #1 TRIGGER

I just realized today why recovering from a husband’s affair is so darn difficult! After you discover adultery within the marriage, you will see, hear, or remember certain things that will remind you of your husband cheating and put you back in that angry or sad place. Check out After the affair: five emotional triggers Read More

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Your Husband Cheated? Revenge Is Not Your Job.

Revenge for cheating, we all secretly want payback at one point in our recovery journey. When you’re dealing with a partner who has cheated, you may feel justified in hurting him and getting him back for what he did. It’s human nature to have that little voice in your ear urging you to make him Read More

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Cheating Spouse Just Something Else I Am Pissed About

I always tell my husband that it wasn’t the sex that has me so upset, it is everything else that comes with infidelity. For example, my spouse was supposed to be the protector, the one who makes sure the door is locked and that nobody messes with his wife. And in an ironic twist of Read More

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Is My Cheating Spouse Worth the Help??

I know I have to eventually make a decision about what to do with my cheating spouse and my marriage, but right now I am just trying not to think about it all. Unfortunately, it keeps popping up. My husband and I still live in the same house. Deep down, I really want to be Read More

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After the Affair Paranoia

Now that my spouse has cheated, I am getting a little paranoid. In some ways, I think it makes sense for me to feel this way. He kept seeing her while I was thinking we were “working on the marriage,” after all. I feel so used, and at times I feel like a fool. The Read More

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Recovery from Infidelity Has Me Drained

Recovery from infidelity is exhausting. Today was just a really draining day dealing with my cheating husband. I allowed myself to be upset by his words. I hate when I let him get to me. It doesn’t make sense and I do it over and over again. My cheating husband wants to do things his Read More