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Website Upgrade

Hi Everyone, I know it has been a while. The past couple of weeks I have been working to upgrade the website. While you will not see many changes in the actual view of the site at this moment, the back end was completely upgraded.  I am still int he process of testing functionality and Read More

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Not if, but when – someone will think about cheating at some point in your marriage

It's a conversation most married couple avoid like the plague. As a wife or husband, we might joking say wise cracks in conversation, with the thought that we know 'our husband' isn't the cheating type. That mindset of 'not my husband' causes misery to many wives around the world. I thought the same thing. Not Read More

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The new cheating trend

It's interesting how cheating evolves over time. I believe 50 years ago, cheating happened, but because we lacked the tools and technology to find out, wives often had a 'hunch', but nothing concrete. Usually a wife would find out at the funeral that their husband had a mistress and as well as kids from another Read More

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Cheating Recovery Song – You’ll Think of Me – Keith Urban

Hi Ladies, I like this song, it's about a man that discover's his woman cheating, but everything still applies. It's also got an empowering tone to it, which I like. (Click Read More to listen to song) Read More

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7 reasons why the other woman knows your husband is married and continues to cheat

Ladies today I would like to shed some insight into the topic of the other woman (OW). As wives we are often shocked that another woman would have an affair with our husband without a care in the world. What type of woman would do that? The hard core truth is that it is very Read More

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Affair Recovery and Therapy

If you take a look at many of the responses that I write when people write to me, many contain seeking therapy. I truly believe based on your life situation that some of what a wife goes through once they find out there husband cheated is similar to post-traumatic stress. I am not a doctor Read More

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Love, Marriage and Divorce – “Take It Back” – Cheating Recovery Songs

Toni Braxton and Babyface created an amazing album title "Love, Marriage and Divorce". This creation is a wonderful collection of songs about relationships. Five stars from me, anyone who is married and experience infidelity can relate to many of these songs. Below is just one of the songs, titled "Take It Back". Enjoy     Read More

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Cheating Husband and Male Ego

Many women write to me after they discover their husband has committed adultery. It's overwhelming at the time because you are trying to understand why your husband had an affair, and what you should do next. Eventually, I had a game plan in my mind of what would help use get back on track, it Read More

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Affair Empowerment Song – Roar

I like this song by Katy Perry. Every time I hear it, I get excited! Happy Friday Ladies Read More

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Happy New Year!

Hi Ladies, Wanted to wish everyone a 2014 filled with clarity, peace, and understanding. Everything happens for a reason, and when we are in the mist of the storm, it is so hard to find the lesson in it all. But there is a lesson. Remember no matter what you are going through, someone else Read More